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Are you playing with the thought of buying one of my products - or have already decided?! Call me, send me a letter or simply send me an e-mail with your request via my contact form. Please do not hesitate to get in touch! Also, if you are a dealer and are interested in including one of my products in your assortment - please contact me!

The prices on my website are sales prices including VAT.

The costs for shipping and handling are not included. I would be pleased to provide you with an individual offer for the personal customization of a product. Whether you would like to see the fabric of your sofa also on your new piano stool or you have an extraordinary wish for the color. Paid will be easily with a classic transfer.

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Your contact person:
Mario Koch, Owner

Maybe you are asking yourself why there is no shop on my web site.

This is intentional and I would like to explain briefly why I decided to use only the method of payment transfer. My business idea is to be as simple and clear as possible from the start. I would like to take care of the things, to keep an overview and to be in contact with you, my customers! For this reason it is necessary to check every entrepreneurial decision according to time-, money- and risk investment. I think, you will have the best overview on the direct way of acting, without third parties, because the responsibility is in your own hands.

What does that have to do with the possibilities of payment?
No matter whether debiting or bank withdrawal, PayPal or credit card, instant transfer or cash - each of these options bring a bunch of "small print" with it. This leads to additional costs, a lot of data collected and stored, also those which are not relevant for the booking process, payments can be reversed, beyond your bank other institutions can be involved whose trustworthiness since Wiki- Leaks is at least doubtable and rebooking systems, dunning and debt collection can be required. All of this does not only cost money, it also leads to the fact that we lose the overview. Who is my contact person, whom do I have to contact if something goes wrong? Have you ever identified a contact person at a global operating concern? This is also not necessary, because we can handle our business without a third party. The advantage, we do not have to ask anyone and can decide for ourselves actively!

If you have landed here, you have already got a first impression of my website. What I do is my passion and I reveal very much of my person. My dealings are characterized by respect, friendliness, fairness and cooperation. Although many operations, for example SEPA has established direct debit mandates, which are not required, you just have to do it. At makoni, talk to the owner, with me.

„Experience influences our behavior more than understanding“

Made in Germany