Hank & Eve

The Love Story

The story of Hank & Eve began conceptually as an extraordinary love affair resulting in the fusion of two bodies into one perfect whole. Hank is strong with a mantel of steel and Eve is soft with a delicate parchment body. When Hank opens himself Eve nestles completely around him. Regardless of what life has in store for Eve, Hank is always there with a hug for her. Both of them complete and support each other-simply the perfect pair. Mostly the two of them like to spend their time together hanging out - also in your bathroom!

Hank & Eve is a waste bin system from m a k o n i, developed for the bathroom. It consists of a container, “Hank” and a bin bag, “Eve”. The bin bag is made of craft paper and was developed to completely surround the container remaining totally open and unable to slip. Upon closing the lid of the container the bin bag completely disappears.

Hank hangs on the wall and can be glued or screwed into place. Waste is thrown thru an oval opening in the lid allowing humidity to escape and thus helping to prevent odors from developing. The job of cleaning is made easier by the absence of a can in the way, the frustration of a slipping bin bag, plastic edges which stick out, a jammed lid or a broken metal foot pedal.

Hank & Eve are at home in your bathroom or hotels around the world - Innovation, elegance and functionality for every bathroom, for the user and service personal!

129,00 € (Sales Price incl. VAT)

Product Specifications

Hank is produced from high quality metal with a powder coated surface available in various colors, glosses and structures. Eve, the bin bag, can be easily bought as a consumable. The container is 16 cm wide, 12 cm deep and 20 cm high with a volume of ca. 3 liters.

To change the bin bag one simply removes the lid, inserts a new bin bag and replaces the lid. Full bin bags can be carried with the externally stored, clean handles and thrown away. The handles can also be used to tie the bin bag.

Made in Germany