No.01 adagio

Piano bench (u-turn)

With the vision of developing modern piano stools, many sketches with very different ideas for design and form emerged very quickly in the initial phase.

The working title u-turn is derived from the form of the piano stool - like an upturned U. This stool, named adagio, is the first model I developed to technical specifications. The frame is made of deep brown walnut wood and glued in three parts. In the two sides run stainless steel swords, which form as a foot. The swords have an invisible grid, which together with a removable splint allows height adjustment. 

Each side of the piano stool has its own splint for height adjustment. This is magnetically secured against inadvertent slipping out. The seat has a padding of white mottled wool felt with an inner cushion. The recess in the pad serves for the storage of pen and eraser, for the insertion of finger sets. The seams are designed as a contrast with red thread and increase attractiveness and value. The cushion is detachably fixed under the seat and secured against slipping.

No.01 adagio, the piano stool with quiet elegance, straightforward design and high inner values.

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Product specification

  • Dimensions: 75 x 31 cm (width x depth)
  • Heights: 46.5 to 54 cm, 6 steps of 15 mm

  • Mechanics: Stainless steel split pin
  • Seat: Solid Walnut, oiled + waxed

  • Upholstery: 100% wool felt white-mottled, detachable

  • Frame: Solid Walnut, oiled + waxed

  • Feet: Stainless steel sword

Made in Germany