Piano stool No.01 - No.05 at the Music Fair

From the 5th to 8th of April 2017 the international music fair took place in Frankfurt a.M. My second exhibition in a short time and the presentation of my second product line, the piano stools No.01 adagio, No.02 accento, No.03 allegro, No.04 andante and No.05 amabile! I have so been waiting, fevering for this moment. My body seemed to be feverish as well, which, ten days before the fair, emerged as an acute inflammation of my shoulder-joint and lamed my left arm. Nevertheless we finished everything and were ready on the first day of the fair to take on the stream of visitors. We were overwhelmed in the first two days.

It is a wonderful feeling to receive so much interest, enthusiasm and appreciation after a year of hard work. According to the countless conversations that we had with customers and prospective customers recognition of my idea, the implementation and the visible quality of my stools are important characteristics. Many well-known German companies were among our visitors and the interest from European countries, the USA or the Orient was great. The music industry had hardly anything new to offer in recent years. With my designs, I managed to set an accent and to generate interest.

In addition to five exceptional and somewhat extravagant designs, I have shown that innovation is possible. What can result from this, time will tell. Next year we will meet again at the Music Fair - and I will try to set new accents again!

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