In February 2016 I visited the trade fair ZOW in Bad Salzuflen. It was, so to speak, my first official mission in the name of my new start-up. I was looking for suppliers. Although I myself had declared the first of April 2016 as the first day of my own business, the subject floated permanently in my mind of course. The fair seemed to me a good opportunity to make the first contacts. Entering the fair was for me a special moment. As a fair professional, who I am now through my many years of experience, it was at the time quite different from all the years before. For the first time I was there for myself all alone, for my vision, for my ideas, for my future - simply special!

Still in the entrance area I found the first interesting stand, the engineering firm Detailhoch3 from Detmold. I met Mrs. Martina Dekomien, the owner and we had an interesting conversation with a cup of coffee. For many months now, we have been successfully working together. Ms. Dekomien, as a certified efficiency advisor, also suggested that I apply for an EU funding project in which we successfully participated (separate article follows). Another project, which was created by our cooperation, was my participation in the Career Choice Forum 2016, at the FH Lippe in Detmold. The Rotary International organizers, the employment agency for Detmold and the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University invited hundreds of students to receive information on 22 professional fields and 41 professions. Together with Ms. Dekomien, I introduced the design sector. Judging the feedback sheets of the participants, we did our job very well. I am looking forward to participating in this commitment next year! You can find out more about Martina Dekomien and her engineering firm DetailHoch3 at

You just have to get started. This is something fundamental if you want to become self-sufficient or want to start a new important project. Only when you are on your way toward your goal can you meet people who support you. It is the often-cited first step that matters. This is my experience.

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