Martin Herzberg, Pianist

At some point I got the CD of a young German composer and pianist - Lifelines of Music by Martin Herzberg. I like his music, his act and his openness. After sending him an e-mail over his official website, describing my piano stool project, I had his answer in my mailbox within two days: "Hello Mario, What you wrote sounds Interesting ... You can reach me under the following number ... call me! Martin ". When I say, I was amazed; it’s under any circumstance an understatement!

At the beginning of August, we met at the Celebrate Life Festival, where Martin played a concert and we met personally. To this day the ease at which we entered into our conversation from the beginning on fascinates me. I had positioned two chairs in the big concert hall so that we were sitting opposite each other, while his grand piano in the background completed the final setting. After talking 20 minutes about this and that, the time had come to introduce my project. I had brought sketches and first renderings and was curious how he would react. He immediately found a design that pleased him and began to make suggestions and contribute ideas. I was thrilled and happy. Later I enjoyed his concert and we met two more times on the festival grounds. It was a heart felt good-bye, in which Martin reaffirmed his interest in collaboration.

We are still in touch and are working on a common piano stool project. More about Martin Herzberg and his concerts can be found at

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