Location Campaign Industry Lippe

makoni is a member of the Location Campaign Industry Lippe. Under the motto "Zukunft in Lippe", more than 400 companies from the region have already joined forces to support the heart of the Lippe economy. Since over two years, the campaign has been running with humorous and sometimes cheeky messages and, in an unusual and appealing way, conveys the special importance of the region as an industrial and economic location.

We, the members of the campaign:

  • Are committed to Lippe. We want to continue to produce and invest here in the future.
  • Offer our employees safe jobs in family structures and deal with each other fairly and respectfully.
  • Prepare young people for their professional life through a good education.

  • Want to continue to attract dedicated people to work in our companies and to enable them a career.
  • Are committed to environmental protection and the economical use of natural resources.

  • Are committed to a future-oriented infrastructure in education and research, energy, transport and telecommunications.

  • Assume responsibility for culture, sport and education in order to continue to improve the quality of life for the people in Lippe.

  • Create positive awareness of the utility and value of the industry in Lippe and give it a face.
  • Know the value of an attractive trade and service structure and are committed to lively cities and communities.

One of my messages: „Lipper sind wie Du und ich - mal besonders, mal auch nicht“. You can find out more about the location campaign, initiators and members at www.industrie-lippe.de

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