Johann Blanchard, Pianist

When I opened my exhibition at the Cultural Foundation Marienmünster, I had already met two pianists from Hamburg and had had the wonderful opportunity to talk with them about my designs. Two weeks later, I was back in Marienmünster to expand my exhibition with promotional postcards. I had created five layouts, which showed my designs. Visitors were given the opportunity to take home the design of their choice as a postcard. I met the pianist Johann Blanchard from Rostock. He was there with a company to make sound recordings.

There was also a piano builder from Detmold, in case there was something to be done on the piano. In the foyer area we ran across each other. My arms were full. I was already halfway out the door when we entered into conversation. I spontaneously asked if they had already seen my exhibition. When they said no, I invited them to a short tour and presented my designs. Johann quickly found a design he liked; we deepened our conversation and exchanged contact data. He was interested in the possibilities of my ideas. We are in contact and intend to work together in 2017.

I am delighted with the enthusiasm that Johann brings to my work and the interest in making my design a personal companion in the future. You can find out more about Johann at

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