Imagine, after 23 years of absence and a life in various German cities, you return to the 400-soul village of your childhood and move into your parents' home. At 45 it is different from your early 20s - so much I can say. The beauty of home is that it is home, the place where a person feels at home and is grounded by his roots. I am lucky enough to have this relationship with the place I come from. I feel a connection there that includes generations of my family and the beauty of nature. In the "wide" world that I have traveled through my profession, I have learned a lot and have gained extensive experience. Now I have the feeling that I am able to benefit from this experience and share it with my hometown.

I would like to give back something of what life has given me so far. And I would like to do that here! My self-employment offers me many possibilities. If you, like myself, start at zero, you need a lot of help, support and reliable partners. I try to find them locally and regionally, which is not always easy. Goethe is quoted as haven said: "Whatever you can do, or dream to do - begin! Daring possesses genius and magical power. Begin now! "These words have touched me and accompanied me in my first year at home and in self-employment. Meanwhile, not only is the connection to my home growing and growing, but also my network is expanding bit by bit.

Thank you home!

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