Funding Project Material-efficient product development

Saving resources, strengthening the economy - that is one thing that affects our future. How will we live tomorrow? How are business and quality of life developing? And what about the earth’s climate? Many questions that touch on a topic: the handling of raw materials and energy. The Regional Office for Nature, Environment and Consumer Protection North Rhine-Westphalia (LANUV) is therefore funding projects that deal with material and energy efficiency from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in order to save resources.

Makoni has been funded as part of the Resource Efficiency Consultancy for SMEs in the area of material-efficient product development. The goal was to plan the future use of materials efficiently as early as the first draft, in order to reduce later product realization resources and CO2 emissions during production. In Germany, the cost of materials has steadily declined in recent years, while the gross domestic product is continually growing. Resource efficiency is therefore increasing. This does not protect us from the problems of scarcity of raw materials and environmental pollution through production, manufacturing and disposal. With increasing raw material and energy prices inefficient use of resources also means competitive disadvantages for companies. The substitution of raw materials by know-how and production-saving products and manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly important. A theme that affects us all!

You can find out more about projects and funding opportunities at or You can find more information about my funding project in the following project report.

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