When I started thinking about becoming self-employed, I also started talking about the subject. I told my ideas to family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. I had to voice this, so much was clear to me. That sounds so simple, but for me it was not always so. It's like that with a personal vision. It requires courage to step outside. One suddenly becomes vulnerable and faces criticism. I could clearly observe this constantly changing process of development within myself. At first I hesitantly told others, with as few details as possible, often questioning. I also had to learn to deal with the reactions of others. Some people are overwhelmed with enthusiasm and others are not able to imagine what could be. Others, on the other hand, have data, figures and facts at hand, or even provide their own analysis of the market situation. With all of this I realized that I became more and more secure in my own argument. I also learned to deal with criticism or lack of understanding in a whole new way. My friendships helped me with this to a great extent.

The friend of a friend had become self-employed designing garden houses. We met for an exchange and Alfred told me very openly about his early days. The chemistry between us worked and Alfred gave me lots of very helpful tips and information. By the way, I think he builds wonderful garden houses! See for yourself at

A coach with whom I worked brought me together with another entrepreneur. So I met Thomas, who already successfully founded a company, but after several years separated from his shares. We keep in contact and I enjoy it every time we exchange thoughts. I look up to him a little, as a person and as a successful entrepreneur. You can find out more about Thomas and his current work at

How do you find a good photographer to shoot immensely important photos for an Internet site? A gift from my girlfriend pointed me in the right direction, portrait pictures taken by friend and photographer Michael Zenke. The shooting in the Steinheim furniture museum (post 04. 23. 2016) developed from this. I find Michael is a passionate photographer, with a good eye. As a graphic artist, he also developed my logo! More about Michael Zenke and his talents at

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