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About me

makoni is the story of a personality development.

Since I can remember my creativity has found many areas of application: Since I can remember, creativity has accompanied me throughout my life. Having grown up in a family strongly involved in craftsmanship, I developed the urge to be creative early. Privately, as an organ and harmonium builder, and later as an interior architect in which my creativity found many fields of application: Design, technical solutions, strategy and business management.

My activities with various privately owned and operated companies have lead me to far parts of the world and have given me insight into different economic sectors. I have had the good fortune over the course of my work life to gather a lot of knowledge - my start capital for my own business.

m a k o n i is MARIO KOCH from NIESE

The name m a k o n i was inspired by ALRIKO, the former business of my grandfather Alfons Ringele from Kollerbeck. Makoni design, product development and distribution, represents the connection between craft and design, the production of high quality products, the preservation of tradition and regional value creation in today’s modern world. I seek the niche, the attention to small details, the unique and always a new perspective.


The relationship to things that surround me in my daily life is important to me. I strive to create favorite pieces that accompany one throughout one’s life. My products should develop a patina here and there with age. The longer such a special object personally accompanies me thru life, the higher its worth, adding to my contribution to sustainability over our life together.

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Location Campaign Industry Lippe

makoni is a member of the Location Campaign Industry Lippe. Under the motto "Zukunft in Lippe", more than 400 companies from the region have already joined forces to support the heart of the Lippe economy.

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Piano stool No.01 - No.05 at the Music Fair

From the 5th to 8th of April 2017 the international music fair took place in Frankfurt a.M. My second exhibition in a short time and the presentation of my second product line, the piano stools No.01 adagio, No.02 accento, No.03 allegro, No.04 andante and No.05 amabile!

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Hank & Eve at the Ambiente

The largest international consumer goods fair, Ambiente, took place in Frankfurt a.M. from the 10th to 14th of February 2017. I applied for a presentation area at the BMWi to present my newly developed waste system Hank & Eve.

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